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Jaat, Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Bennett Law faculty at Bennett University is an exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable group of researchers. They have expertise in many fields of law, including IP law, patents law, employment law, business law, as well as criminal law. To keep you current with their most recent research, we’ve put together the Bennett’s Law Faculty and their specializations.

Background of Bennett University Law Faculty

Two Bennett University law professors have been included in this year’s edition of famous Who’s Who in Legal Education The annual publication is produced through the American Bar Association.

Prof. Dr. Debraeffective K. Noble was recognized as among the “Leading Lawyers in America” and Professor Emeritus Rex Alan Smith was designated as an “Regional Leader” in legal education.

The two professors have over three decades of teaching experience laws in the law department at Bennett University and are highly revered as scholars and practitioners in their fields.

Noble has co-authored or written more than 50 books and chapters. She has also been on several editorial boards. Smith is a nationally recognized authority on property law, contracts, legislation, and torts His work is mentioned more than 1000 times in academic journals.

Employment Opportunities at Bennett University Law Faculty

Bennett Law faculty members at the University are currently looking for the addition of new members to its faculty. If you’re an experienced jurist who has an enthusiasm for teaching, we would like to get in touch with you. We provide competitive salaries as well as generous benefits and an chance to teach at one of the top national law schools.

Visit our website to find out more about the process for hiring and how you can apply. We’re looking to receiving your feedback!

Visit our website for more about our process for hiring and how you can apply.

Thank you for taking a look at an opportunity to work with the Bennett University Law Faculty.

Working Conditions at Bennett University Law Faculty

Conditions of work for Bennett University Law Faculty members are under scrutiny in recent months.

In February of this year in the beginning of February, a number comprising Bennett faculty members filed a complaint to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) asserting that the school does not provide the law professors with a healthy and safe workplace.

The professors have stated that they’ve been the victims of intimidation, verbal abuse and harassment from other colleagues ever since they started teaching at Bennett in the year 2016.

“Bennett University Law Faculty members are routinely subjected to verbal abuse and intimidation,” according to one of the complaints made to the AAA. “This behavior has created an oppressive work environment that has led to physical injuries.”

The professors also contend that Bennett officials have not taken the time to fix the issues they’ve faced on campus.

“We are asking for your help,” is the text of the complaint. “Our requests for redress have gone unanswered by Bennett University, despite our repeated attempts to work through the proper channels.”

Since the first complaint was made, Bennett has released a statement in which she denies any wrongdoings by the company. In a letter to faculty members and students, the Chancellor Sherilyn Yeary stated the following: She “emphatically denies” any claims of harassment or unsafe work conditions.

“Bennett University Law Faculty members have always enjoyed a positive, respectful working environment,” Yeary wrote. “Any assertions to the contrary are false and unsupported.”

Yeary continued to state that Bennett has instituted new policies and training that aim to enhance the working environment for faculty.

Benefits and Perks of Being a Bennett University Law Faculty Member

As you become a Bennett University Law Faculty member You will be able to enjoy a variety of advantages and benefits which come with the job. This includes:

Opportunities to publish scholarly articles

The compensation is more than the the average of law professors.

A lively, supportive, and collegial environment that allows you to share your knowledge.

A solid social network for colleagues

Flexible scheduling that allows for an array of personal and professional activities

The chance to work with the top lawyers in the country


The Bennett Law faculty is Bennett’s largest we have the opportunity to teach and study the law. Our courses cover various legal topics, from the law of contracts and intellectual property to. Alongside our traditional classroom-based instruction as well as students the opportunity to take part in externships, internships, and internships at local businesses or government offices. If you’re seeking a job as a lawyer or simply wish to get valuable experience in the legal field make sure you look into our courses and register for some of our programs now. Thank you for thinking about Bennett University as your next legal education option.

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